Friday, February 10, 2012

Yay Friday!

I had meant to post daily 
that's at least how I started out here.
But I got tired and busy not sure if it was in that order.
So my last post was of my Monday.

Tuesday was a little fickle.

But the afternoon saw a nice gentle walk to the post office.
We walked along the main road which is quite busy.
But had an amazing view of three horizons.

The clouds were fantastic!
They were stacked in layers mostly cumulus but of varying fluffiness.
The lower flat 'bottom' of the clouds were black - dark grey and the tone lightened
 as the cloud grew flufflier til at it's curviest it was white.
So these formations were stacked on every horizon except north - northwest.
There were many differences the farthest bunches 
were smaller, whiter and fluffier.
There was also cirrus beyond these 
the sky was simply amazing and I had forgotten my camera.
As I do!
My son and I pondered at the winds that might be forming 
these beauties as we walked and what if any change we might expect in the weather.
There was no change and the clouds have continued to look amazing and 
I have continued to forget my camera, 
then I haven't had the energy and oomph to go out again once home.

Some of the shows I listened to this week on 

@kiwisnake - Anthony Horvath's - Monday Mayhem

@janbart53 & @glenbuck1- Richard & Janet's - Diluted Scotch

@JuliaMinx - Julia Mosen's - 70's Sensation

@kiwisnake - Anthony Horvath's - Beer Fridge

@skhyering & @techring - Sarah and Rich's - Rock and Roll Fringe

@gordonluke - Gordon Luke & John Glass' - Live Through The Luking Glass

@irish_2009 - Anne Cosgrove's - Only the Eighties

Most of these shows I had to catch on the podcasts.
Which is great!
But really can't beat the interaction of listening live.
Check out  the podcasts and the 'tweeple'

@ephphy sent me this link earlier in the week

Kasey Chambers - We're All Gonna Die Someday

I love it!

I asked Anthony aka @kiwisnake to please play 
Rainbow's - Gates of Babylon
Which he had introduced me to the previous week,
and he mentioned this...

The Plucking Song!

"Oh this had me in stitches!!!"

Oh and Anthony also played this which is now my 
new OLD favourite song.

Jerry Cantrell's - Cut You In

Just love the voice and music, love love love!

Well that's quite a musical week.

Apart from music I have finished

Susan Howatch's - Heartbreaker

I found this book so hard to get through.
Not the fault of the book I think, though I have read and really enjoyed 
other Susan Howatch novels
 in particular The Starbridge Series
 I love her charismatic healers
and the emotional chaos of all her characters.
I think I have had so much going on,
 that relaxing enough to read and not coma out wasn't easy.

But I am pleased to have read this book though it was the last
in a trilogy I've not read the first two books of.
There were characters in the St Benets series 
that were from the Starbridge Series
so it was nice to reunite with those characters.
It was good and I would certainly read another of her books.

At the moment I am really getting into 

 Claude Bouchard's - Discreet Activities

Some amazing strong female characters which I love!
Dealing with terror issues and some of the scum of life,
and justice really appeals to me.
This is the latest in this series

The first is
Vigilante by Claude Bouchard
I will definitely be going back to the beginning!

I have also purchased again
@LukeRomyn's - Dark Path

 An awesome main character 
whom I have wanted to finish reading time and time again. 
But my Midas touch for computers has meant I've been unable to.

I'm feeling lucky this time. 
I am not scared...

Here is a blog post by Luke Romyn which I really enjoyed
and I think everyone could benefit from re-assessing and re-addressing 
their day to day or their attitude to it. (imo)
Luke What is Success?

I also read this blog post by Les Floyd @Lesism
The Meaning of Life
Another excellent post on appreciating the time we have here.
What we are doing it what we could or
would do with it if we realised it's

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