Wednesday, February 29, 2012

My Monday Corona

Monday 27 February 2012

I noticed this beautiful Corona as I stepped out of the car.
On my way to see my boss so he could verify my existence. 

The layers of cloud were just amazing!
Cirrus cumulus and I love the lines of the power lines.

A closer and more centred shot I couldn't really see if I had the whole corona.
But photo's can't do justice the awesome sight 
of that ominous grey ring like iris, with it's near iridescent hue, and of course
the pupil of striking white being the sun.

More power lines cirrus and cumulus.
I love how the cirrus waft off on random angles.

This is on its side but I love it!
Soft layers of cirrus and the fluffy cumulus.
So naturally I'm craving candy floss.

I love the infinite feel to this photo the clouds take the eye to the horizon.

In this photo to they go all the way to the horizon.

this is how hard it was to see the corona in my camera.
 I couldnt get the entire ring.

But it sure is pretty.

I think this is my fave.
The cirrus waft from the sun to where cumulus lull.

and here the different layers lines textures.


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