Sunday, February 26, 2012

My Lily Study

When I took these photo's in my mind they were all extremely different,
highlighting some of the Lily's Unique beauty.

In this photo the filament and style are green
 the anther a deep antique velvet red and large!
The petals also have papillae which are the raised bumps
on the inner petal.
When I searched for what they were I came up with tongues.
Yep the same things we have on our tongues
and I got images which was a little urggh!

The perfect white petals 
with large vein down the centre pretty pink
 at the back of the curled petals.
They look beautifully alien to me in some way...

In the end they didn't look all that different
 and I hadn't changed my setting
to optimum so these pics could've been better.

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