Saturday, February 4, 2012

My Saturday 04-02-12

Well it started with a visit from my mum waking me up.
At the decent hour of 8:45am.
So I couldn't grumble and I didn't, honest.

They came to return my son's BopIts
I thought they'd had them so long because they couldn't beat them.
Turn's out my brother who is 'special needs' decided
the contraption didn't need a couple of knobs 
and so he broke them off. 
I laugh, but they felt so bad about it all
and had to get a new one
to replace it.
They left a little later (after cuddling the cat)
to continue their bargain hunting.

So, still waking up I assessed the day.
Which was grey and lacked lustre.
I had every intention of doing little and lounging lots.

I then had the urge to go get the hearts!
I think it was the change in environment...

I just had to photograph these 
beautiful cirrus interspersed 
with altocumulus against deep blue sky.

This was before I even got to the car.

So off we went my son and I to 
The Mount!
An absolutely gorgeous day for a drive.

To the Mosaic Warehouse I bought these...

Hoping the lovely @ephphy would like one.
She did! Yay!
 Happy Birthday!

There are five different green glass hearts
and one block all but the smallest are flat
the block and one heart have 
swirls of lemon lime.
Three have foil centres - forest green 
- forest floor green and old clear glass green.
lus the little pillow heart which is an apple green.

Five different shaped and toned blue glass hearts & a black heart.
Three pillowed hearts - navy blue translucent
- jelly bean blue translucent & a black solid.
 Three are flat hearts - one rich navy foil centre
- one a light jelly bean blue foil centre
- one tropical sea blue with blue and white swirls.
These blues are amazing!

And Pink!

Three pink glass hearts different tones and shapes.
The champagne one is pillowed the other two are 
flat on both sides and nearly 1cm thick
both are foil centres 
one a translucent baby pink
the other a dark smoky musk pink.

Then I wanted to drive to Mount town...

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