Tuesday, February 7, 2012

My Sunday 05-02-12

Sunday was a fine-ish windy day, so really good!
We were all going to the park/beach.
While waiting for mum...
I took these photo's

A cute jack-o-lantern, I love the see through pumpkin like container.
The individually wrapped marshmallow inside not so much.
The taste made me want to bounce it up against a wall
but they were pretty pastel yellows and blues!

 Nasturtiums so vibrant and rampant, kinda like me!
This natural deep orange kinda makes the halloween orange seem drab.
I remember mum tried to get my son to eat a flower, 
he looked at her like she'd lost the plot. Lol

The beautiful Calendula 
I love the display of this miniature sunflower
I have an urge to paint this bright sunny bloom, 
but I know I can't do it justice so I don't.

A scent I adore!
I don't have any growing but mums are doing nicely.
Sweet Sweet Sweet
She only has this two tone purple though which seems odd...
So used to them being a collage of vibrant colours.

At the beach yay!
Have had lunch of sausages, club sandwiches and snacks.
My brother is waiting for us all to go for a walk along the beach.
He seems to have recently adopted the attitude of the rest of the family,
in that he isn't to keen on the camera. Lol

I love this beach scape. 
The odd wet patch of sand reflects
the blue of the sky peaking
through a mass of fluffy cumulus on one side 
and the thinner alto cumulus on the other.
There is a rocky outcropping further along 
which is laden with rock oysters.

A sand dollar, sea cookie or snapper biscuit.
So many names for a sea star that is flat and round.
I love the pentagon/star shape in the centre
and the lightning patterns reaching from the corners of the pentagon 
to the edge of the cookie 
this one was cracked in many places.
I have no idea whether it was alive or not, I suspect not.

My son barefoot on the rocks 
with rock oysters stuck fast below the high tide mark.
I was standing on the sand in water only ankle deep and wonderfully warm.

My mum!
Accessorising with the local flora.
Sea weed of red over head and from mouth
with a fine green frilly thing hangin down the sides.
So glad she is wearing the sunnys so no one will recognise her.

and me!
Wind blown, great for the wind surfers who were out on the water.
My Maunga- mountain 'Mauao' in the back ground.
where my dad use to live when he was younger
and before their mother got sick and they had to move to town.

A shell or something...
A somewhat hollow spiral though it is ribbed inside.
I thought it like a brittle star foot maybe...
If it is I am thankful not to see the whole animal!
this tiny curled foot piece being longer than the widest part of my middle finger.
The animal would fit nicely on my head with legs draping below my ears.
Brittle stars are creepy, especially when they creep.
Like a lanky long legged freak of a star fish.
Spider of the sea.

The awesomeness of the internet!
I posted my blog post to twitter and Steph @ephphy
read it and she identified the spiral for me!
She sent me this wiki link; Spirula (Rams Horn Shell)
and this pretty link; Naturespic.com 
She is amazing in cyberspace!
Thanks Steph! =)
and this spirula link; flickr

When I got home
I tuned into Mushroom FM and listened to
Rebel Fusion with Drew @roosterloop
and he played these guys;

The M Machine

My first taste and I love their sound!

Then @JuliaMinx followed Drew with her Minx Mix
and we discussed this beauty;

and how 'visual' the lyrics are *grins*
Some excellent music, go listen to the show!

Then we went across the sea had to;
and we talked jerky!
Damo is making his own beef jerky yum yum!
He tells us all about it. 
Amongst a mix of Aussie and Kiwi tunes
Check it out!

I used to pack venison jerky I miss the  gorgeous stuff.

Then after midnight I listened to the lovely
from the UK & USA in 1976 
Some lovely songs!

Then I called it Monday morning and went to sleep.

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