Wednesday, February 29, 2012

More of my Monday

Cheesy Pasta with Chilli, Tomato & a Sprinkle of Rock Salt

A slightly larger portion than the previous night
 because the temps plummeted!

That evening I listened to Anthony Horvath 
@kiwisnake do his thing on Monday Mayhem

Music from all genre, era and many requests...

I really wanted this one...

Mr Saxobeat 

I got this one...

Christina Milian - Dip it Low

It was a great night.
Again as always with Mushroom FM shows 
I heard songs unknown to me and I learned 
the names of songs that I knew to hear but that's all.
Like this one...

Dreams by Cranberries

Which was requested by Steph @ephphy

Oh and this song I love the beginning and verses?
But some of it just urks me. lol

Bruno Mars - Grenade

Now I wasn't the only one to think this was a little OTT
So did The Edge Radio Station

Here is Their Honest Version of Grenade

They had people ring in suggestions of what you would real do.
Was pretty cool and William Faumui 
has an awesome voice!

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