Sunday, February 26, 2012

Cards and Cards of Love

I am making cards - little cards they are
approx 50mm x 75mm
They are in sets of three.
I have cutters to cut perfect shapes in paper.
In white linen paper I cut a spiral, a heart, and a flower
into the centre of the bottom third of three separate pieces.
Spiral = Spirit
Heart = Love
Flower = Life
I then placed Purple tissue behind the spiral.
Magenta tissue behind the heart.
Light apple green tissue behind the flower.
Then I glued this to 'the card' which is a natural fibred hue 
and creates a gentle contrast with the white linen.
Inside I have pasted a white sheet on which to write that perfect message.
Then I made an envelope to accompany each card 
with the corresponding shape.

Then I made these!
Set of three all hearts!
Green, Purple, Magenta,
with their envelopes.

I went through and put my NEW stamp on the back of all
the cards.
(I first stamped white copy paper then stuck that to the card)
Three dozen of them! 

When I purchased the rubber stamp I also bought 25 cards.
I know I have a card that's serious stuff!
What am I doing?!
So I have these cards with my name and company name'
e addy, website, cell number, etc...
But no sign of what I do!
So I am cutting and pasting pics of my jewellery on the back
of the cards it looks quite effective.
I think.

I even thought about making them into key rings...
I don't know.
I think I think too much! 
These are merely the results of me catching up on
some of those thoughts 
before they mutate beyond recognition.

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