Friday, February 3, 2012

bees and things

Well it's my Friday night and I haven't even posted yesterday's.

So what did I do yesterday. 
Thurs 02-02-2012

I saw this odd wasp - honey bee hybrid...

It has the wasp like stripes bright and distinct.
But its back is black and it is stocky like a honey bee,
or even a blow fly.
It sounds like a bee - blowfly, and moves like a hover fly.
First time I've ever seen one.
It loved this tall purple weed with alyssum type flowers.

It even went away and returned with a partner.

I also took this pic.

Of the metallic blue ladybird (ladybug) 
amongst the spikes of the Swan Plant seed pods.
I was pleased with the clarity of this photo.

I stopped to smell the roses.

The scent of this 'antique pink' rose is divine.

I noticed this young adult praying mantis.
Living amongst the spines of this cactus and seeming to
lay in wait for prey to get caught in the spider's web that's 
weaved between the 1.5cm spines.
Clever insect!

I picked these juicy strawberries.

and ate them yum!

Then I plaited wool yeah 3 plait - plaits in many many colours.

I listened to the podcast of
hosted by

I love these guys banter, they play some great music!
But the banter is fun, funny & a lil crazy.
You have to check it out!
You'll love it!

I started crocheting these...

I call them 'Aztec Suns' 
I love this blue, yellow and green one. 

Then I grabbed another Mushroom podcast for the
Sit and Spin show hosted by @silly_singer
She played some beautiful songs I'd never heard before
and some really good covers to.
A great show to accompany my night.
Listen to the podcast you will enjoy.

I then read more of 
Claude Bouchards (exciting) Discreet Activities
before a 2am kip.

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