Saturday, February 18, 2012

My Week as a Nut

It seemed a looooong week.
Filled with very little.
So I went to my photos there were a few...

Like this fine one of my nearly empty 
Nutino - Hazelnut Spread
So rich and creamy!
I eat it by the spoonful!
Alas it is no more
so sad!

My week had much chilli in it to!
Like this piece of WHITE bread toast
Covered with gorgeous red 'home grown' tomatoes
with a sprinkling of onion 
and fresh green chilli
alas no more chilli!
So sad!

 My son found this brand-new 

At first I thought it an Albino
having a really pale green head &
being peachy pink on its back and body.
Even the veins of it's wings were peachy pink so pretty!
The end of it's wing were so fresh that they had
globules of water pooled at each tip.

It took approximately 5-6 hours
 for this little one to turn black and green and harden up.
It was awesome to experience.
I had never realised how long they were
so vulnerable for.
 I actually thought it was an hour tops 
transition - photo synthesis - thingy?

Another attempt to photograph raindrops.
This pastel orange Tiger Lily proving a proud subject.

The rain drops are there hard to see though.
Unless I do this

crop 'n chop
There is the odd drop on a couple of 
odd but beautiful petals.

I am pleased by the intense orange and burgundy
spottiness of these and the 
small but valuable light reflection
in the raindrops.

My latest jewellery

A petite heart. 
An intense green heart.
In a silver plated embrace.
Forever chained to one who own's it.

A placid orange heart.
In swirls of silver plated embrace.
Waiting for it's owner.
 It's anchor.

Petite one.
Little dark one.
Encased in lace of
 brass while awaiting the silver plating.
Of security and ownership.

- blue atop orange -
- coloured and cracked quartz -
- weaved & wrapped -
- in silver plated wire -
Through silver webbed time space.
Mutation celebration in orange earth.
Transformation in bluest space.

two brass rings of odd design
triple bands
swirls and curls
accent beads 
bronze - purple - pink - gold
tiered & woven
two unique one of a kinds

There were many great shows on 

this week some I caught live some on podcasts.

I really enjoyed catching
@inthecenterring - Jeff Stump's 
 for the first time it was an excellent!
Loved the music!

I also caught Anne Cosgrove's
I enjoyed the music so much I grabbed the podcast
as soon as I could and enjoyed it a second time.

Oh I totally changed my website
and set up my jewellery up
which was quite a task!

Is my site's new name

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