Sunday, February 26, 2012

The Seed - The Son - The Spider

Cullen cutting the seed pods off our Swan Plants
There are hundreds I think...
There distinctive look kept Cullen amused and giggling.

I mean look at the spiky testicle shaped things.
Though if testicles were this shade of green or any shade of green,
the owner may want to seek medical attention STAT!

They are quite beautiful on the plant with it's almost bamboo structure.
But so abundant!
Now they're starting to mature and let their seed go...

and it gets everywhere!
You can even roll it up and if I had a wheel I could spin it into cotton.
Make clothing sell them as organic, grow plantations,
become a millionaire!
Okay so there are gaps there, but it could happen...

See the seed gets into every nook and cranny!
And when you touch it it is silky soft and sticky becoming stuck to
whatever it is touching.
The seed creates quite a mess.
It's all over the floor in my lounge!

A close up of the dodgy pod!
No its the spider there, yes a triangular arachnid.
Lets zoom and cut shall we...

See there!
I thought I had found something on it...
Spiny orb nz - images- Spiders!
Those ladies almost makes my little one look cute!
It's shape made me first google, triangular orb, horned orb, spiky spiny.
I assume because it is a bland light to dark fawny colour,
and kind of small that it is a male...
I have seen similar shaped but fatter and vibrant,
mainly black spider with yellow and red horns.
One person I know once called them a cats head spider.
I had little tolerance of spiders back then 14 yrs ago.
I was just in the process of trying to curb my fears of spiders 
and other creepy crawlies, so my son wouldn't scream at the sight of bugs.
Odd I guess, 
especially now he could be said to be a bug enthusiast.
I can't find this one!
I just don't search right I'm sure. Lol
Found it!
Well at least something close to it!

(not my photo)

T.E.R.R.A.I.N - Spider Crab



  1. wild and wacky looking pods :~) and a wickedly cool spider.. I have a serious love of them... the eat other nasty bugs.. :~)
    I love the name of the plant Swan

    thanks for sharing and as always your wonderful sense of humour :~)

  2. Hey thank you June!
    Yes they are wacky pods!
    and so pretty!
    Some people float them in bowls I assume
    that's where the name came from.
    Spiders are awesome though I still have a small fear
    I appreciate their beauty.

    My pleasure!
    Thank you so much for viewing and commenting!


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