Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Beauty Man Made & Roses

- A photo walk -

Let us stroll 
amongst metal beasts of burden


in greens and reds 
with no V's less than 6

some beasts restored 
beyond pristine

others built from scratch 
and raw to roar 

white walls & shiny spoked rims
2 colours blue & white chrome apart
a 3 holed chrome gill detail shines

my fave of the day for style & shine
it's little round window
it's left hand drive

it's chrome minimal in dark design
a stylish gill in slight recess
me & my toes in panel reflect

one more extreme this bright orange thing
yellow flame reach down to googly light
& a skull flame grill

then this funny fella 'bout 12 feet tall
all thin and red with a yellow head 
and yellow tickly hands
a simple air filled amusement

a wind swept day as tall palms profess
their boofy heads mimic my hair
and clouds upon high a scattered splay

beside & beneath traffic light we wait
I shoot the arm holding the lights dark
against the blue & white sky
a beautiful day

to the voting booth with you
orange & black is the sign with prominent arrow 
not unlike the threat of natures yellow & black

then a perk 
for that public service of which nought shall come
smelling the roses around this school
best rose gardens in town

from snowy white to lush pink blush blooms
& an apricot whose scent is true

more than a dozen yellow swoon so beautifully 
such rampant blooms

a vibrant reddy orange yellow bloom
like a bush of floral fire

to the deepest blackberry bloom
it's satiny petals so smooth

to the quarry we head
more floral beauties to feast the eyes upon
rusty red and orange pansies
 a lovely site

 my favourite sweet peas 
deep red & purple
with that heavenly scent to die for

then I see
 single baby pink roses rambling free

ponga fern tower above 
in dappled shade 
I take relief

softest violet 
violet blooms so delicate so sweet

stunning white nigella 
 her wispy ways impress
a smidge of purple tempt

ruffled fuschia
coral & whitish pink 
like ballerina float mid air

a yellow cymbidium
it's distinctive stamen and labellum rouged

That was my 26th Day of November 2011
 A stunning Saturday.

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