Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Rings and other Cool Things

 These are  my latest rings made from brass artistic wire.

They are simple and feel so good on!
I like lines, curves and simplicity mostly.
Sometimes I go a little wild.

This is not an example of such though.
My cousin gave all the females at our Xmas family reunion four pearls.
This is the first one I've wrapped.
I have been quite anxious as they have no holes.
I'm pleased with this so far.
Still working on the others three...
Was going to go wild, maybe.

Yesterday I caught some of
A Miami Vice show...
I was surprised with some of the songs.
I was a young teen when this was out and I liked it...
The fashion is paramount in my mind.
I thought we ruled fashion (when I was) in the 80's
I now know the fluoro must've damaged
my fashion senses. 

Last night I listened to Jimbo's 
Some great music and interesting features 
An Australian Tale'
The Science so far behind retina repair using stem cells.
Making Bows and Arrows and Apricot Chicken.

I'm hungry!
I best go do dinner for the cats...

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