Friday, February 3, 2012

Aztec Cuffs

So to my Friday

I woke to  "Morning! Morning!"

Sat straight up 'courier man, my wire'
"Thank you" 
I yell out at least I think I did.
Half awake I hunt for clothes.
Stumbling about.
The day is light and ready to start.
I go to get my package and my door's open.
*I shake my head and quietly scold myself for not shutting it*
The heat! Blame the heat!

I grab the packet chuck it on my couch. 
Then go back to bed to wake up.

Later I continue crocheting these...
 Aztec Suns
1. Purple - Yellow - Green
2.Green - Yellow - Blue
3. Red - Yellow - Blue
I went to do one with white but it made it
granny straight away I thought.
I don't know if anyone else will like these
 but that's okay.

I caught some live shows on Mushroom FM
today yay!!!
A very cool & colourful show with cool & colourful music.
Great interaction and dishes dance music.
Take a listen - go on!

Continued crocheting...

And I catch another Live Mushroom Show!
I am an eighties child and loved the music!
The Weird Al Yankovic parodies were hilarious!

I finished crocheting.
Went out to get some glass hearts to wire wrap
and the shop was closed 2pm they close.
I had to look at the website to get the addy...
The hours are up there to. 

So I get home and my friend turns up.
Great timing!
She wants 3 red hearts wrapped by Thurs
I have 3 red, I'm rapt!
I have started them and 
am happy to be wrapping again.
Though it was nice to try my hand at other materials.

3 Aztec Sun Crocheted Cuffs

So the sevens coverage has finished on TV1
and I am finished with the detail.

I have my horos to write in blog or on site?

I started this to see 
how the communication would stack up.
I have had a few comments made here, however I
have been putting her out and basically 
tackling people to read it.
I wonder if I had done that in my website would 
I have gotten the same comments...
most likely.
I do like the easy video posting here.

But there is no gallery.

Ideally I'd have a 
 (wall/side panel for peeps to put their tag)
I do like that if comments are made everyone can see them.
But twitter and fb can't be beat for interaction.

I'm off to do my horos and follows and who knows...

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