Thursday, February 2, 2012

lenticular clouds

Of Wednesday 1st of Feb 2012

I went to buy the luscious faceted ruby glass hearts
They were sold out!
The site that supplies them only sells wholesale
to registered businesses.

I took photos of clouds.

Some lovely lenticular clouds.
They looked so gorgeous, soft & cuddly.
I could imagine curling up in them zzz...

If only we could box them...

Anyway night came and with it
The Beer Fridge with Anthony Horvath
aka @kiwisnake
Great rock songs from Alice Cooper, G'n'R to Rainbow
who I heard for the first time last night 
I you tubed Rainbow later wow...

Gates of Babylon

Love the voice & the music nice to drift off to Nod on.

I noticed the name
on the same You Tube page.

I know a few Blackmore's Night songs
I love this one
Renaissance Faire

So I was surprised I'd not fallen over Rainbows
music before.
Sometimes my world seems so small.

We nattered Anthony, Steph aka @ephphy & I
about fluffies, french knitting, Green Day and puppies!

Join the convo sometime...
 Im @lovenunrg

Also talked about my mind being under stimulated.
There by resulting in terror dreams.
Anthony suggested a good book and I had been thinking...

About an awesome tweeter/author
As I saw an ad for his latest novel
go by in the side bar on facebook it sounded amazing!

So I went to Amazon jumped on a Cloud and got 
Claude Bouchard's Discreet Activities 
on my Kindle Cloud Reader.
Easy as Pie!

I'm enjoying the story so far.
 Some pretty cool characters like Ms Robb.
I'm looking forward to getting to know them 
all a little bit better.

So with Rainbow and Discreet Activities
I ended my night.

Thursday 02-02-2012


  1. I'm touched and honoured. Thanks, Camelia! :)

  2. You're most welcome!
    I'm excited to own one of your books. =)
    You have some amazing characters Cloudy!


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