Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Last night I was talking with 
about roller derby after she posted this cool video;

Tahuna Breaks - Moves

I've never been to a derby before.
 Steph has and said they were
an awesome source of entertainment.
She even sent me a link of a league in my area.
Steph is amazing 
at hunting down stuff instantly.
I will have to see one someday or a couple to understand it.

I also listened to 
and his show on 
Some great music and interesting features like the series - Unburying the Aztecs.
Have a listen to the podcast.

I also have my first 
totally online order for jewellery.
A beautiful twitter friend of mine would like a piece
like this

I can't wait to get my hands on these stunning
ruby red glass heart beads again!
They only come in packs of fours so I'll be in heaven!
Get lost in their faceted depths.

Anyway I'm settling in here quite nicely I think.
Love that I can post vids 
and the You Tube link up is as easy as pie.

I do think I will have to use my website as well it will be
interesting to try and possibly a little
But will certainly keep me out of trouble.

10am Wednesday 01-02-2012

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