Saturday, February 4, 2012

local artists

So finally browsing around the city of canvasses.

A lovely breeze made the day.
Though I noticed the stands were well fixed.

I saw some stunning pieces.

Ruth Vickers - artist

Glenda Jarrett - artist

Jennifer Whalley - artist

I bought a piece off Jennifer Whalley
she had a couple of boxes of unframed pieces
and I sifted through them and now 
own this colourful gem.

I think it's delightful.
It has no name and isn't signed either it seems.

It looks like Island girls off to some celebration with gifts.
But I love the visible sketching 
brown skin, black hair
and vibrant yellow background,
could it be a fair tent?

One day I hope
 to produce a decent watercolour piece.

Then we were off to the markets we saw
on the way in...

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