Saturday, February 11, 2012

Parenting in Cyberspace

 Have you seen the video?
The one of the dad shooting his daughters laptop...
It has gotten a lot of attention.

This father explains his daughter's disrespectful facebook post about the family. 
Reads it for everyone and then dishes out the consequences.

He posted a response on his facebook page

It has certainly caused a stir.

When I first watched this I thought 'god this guy is a bit of a dick'

His daughter seemed to be behaving like a normal brat teen.

Seeing the gun shocked me a little as we do not have the right to bear arms
 like we have the right to faster broadband in NewZealand.

But he is an American in America it's his constitutional right, right?

Anyway since his filmed reaction
he has been flooded with friend requests and 'apparently' media have been
wanting his statement he has a message to them on his facebook page.

On his facebook he said he and his daughter have spoken which is great! 
Isn't it?

In my 'family' experience,
 I could imagine a father pouring beer over the laptop 
while his mates stumbled around trying to film it, giggling like girls.

Which would then be followed by a screaming scene

I don't think he was right or wrong with the way he handled the incident.
He could've done it better and it could've been worse (but not by this father)

 I do know that many much smaller incidents in NZ families have seen 
very serious and tragic consequences.

I'm so glad the daughter and family are safe.

But that is simply my uncultured, unlearned opinion and means nothing
in the greater scheme of things.

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