Wednesday, February 8, 2012

My Monday 06-02-12

New Zealand's National Day

The sixth day of February in the year of 1840 
representatives for the British Crown and over 500 Maori Chief 
gathered to sign a document 'Treaty'
which set out standards of governance and gave Maori 
the rights and privileges of British subjects.

A lot of controversy surrounds the signing, wording of different translations.
This is the first year I haven't cringed at the thought of this day.
I'm not sure why but I just woke up thinking it is a good day.
I was even wishing a Happy Waitangi Day 
to friends in cyberspace.

Being of Maori and British decent I guess I always felt
a little embarrassed by the behaviour of some 'maori' who speak for all maori.
I also think I felt a little guilty because I wasn't bought up marae styles or
out in the wops on a shoe string.
I was a towny and I had food, shelter and school.
I loved school!!!
So Monday I woke happy to be me
in this country and lucky to know some pretty fantastic kiwis!

One such being
@JonathanMosen who's
show I tuned into as soon as I was semi-conscious.
The Mosen Explosion 
featuring Sir Paul McCartney's new album "Kisses on the Bottom"
A great show with some lovely mellow tunes
as he plays pop and rock musicians performing standards.

So with that mood chosen.
I managed to finish up five large pendants
and four small pendants for a friend who I've known since I was 12.

Her parents have been happily married for 55 years.
This weekend they will renew their vows.
She asked me to make a bridal party set of pendants.
I am honoured to be asked.

I bought the larger red glass hearts specifically for this purpose as the
smaller red hearts were rather different in their composition as the
hearts are handmade (not by me) I wish!
Turns out my friend isn't to worried about the inconsistencies
of the little ones and I said she can choose when they're all done.

I also completed an order for a twitter friend

This piece is for her 15th Anniversary!
All this love around me I am privileged to know of such.

Then the Master of Mayhem
@kiwisnake started his engine for a Monday Mayhem
In celebration of our National Day.
Kiwi artists came out of the RIMU floor boards!
Fred Dagg was a fave of mine but OMG
so much talent from our
little country and no where near the time needed to play them all!

An awesome show you gotta catch the podcast!
Seriously you gotta!

I made these while listening to the awesome KIWI music and comedy.

Jade pieces suitable for single earrings.

Then Tuesday happened!

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