Saturday, February 4, 2012

a photo walk described - hibiscus I did and the art market was on!
I turn up out of the blue to this almost every year!

Whim is a wonderful thing!

On the way I shot these.

 Lovely large peach-apricot hibiscus flower.
So beautiful this is a double I think...

My son was amazed by the sticky out stamen
with it's five antenna atop.
I was amazed he hadn't looked so close before.
We don't have any but my mother does
and Cullen hunts bugs, so I'd assumed! ahh!

This pic is a fave of mine.

Two blush blooms like lovers close
Dwell beneath bluest sky
Upon bluest seas.

Well if there was a sea there instead of a well mown field. 
Hibiscus - wiki

On still brown pond
through cultivated weed
lily sit and the trees reflect

In dappled shade 'neath gum tree 
waterfall waits for thee

the torrents captured in misty blur
over rocks of moss

as our destination nears cloud like rays
appear from beyond
tufted tree.

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