Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Quality Time

(in a doodle)

Yes in a doodle.
This is what my son and I did this evening to just spend some time together.
I had the most colourful four coloured pen, bright blue, deep pink, bright green and purple.
Cullen had a black pen.

We started doing these many years ago when we needed to connect
and relax, as we both find it very relaxing to draw.

In this doodle you should be able to tell Cullen's pictures from mine.
Not because my doodling is far superior to Cullen's (though naturally they are)
but because of the subject/object of the doodle.

He drew a fat man hanging from a noose I turned it into a flower,
he then turned my flower into a spider!
So I drew a love heart which he turned into a...
*shakes head*
He turned my pretty pink love heart, into a farting butt!
How rude!
He then drew various other vulgar things,
 which I transformed into flowers and beautiful butterflies!
Then I went back to the farting butt that was my heart,
and I drew a thunder cloud with lightning bolt that hit the fart, yeah!
Then you know what he did!?
He drew a huge butt over my cloud turning that into a fart!
I then took his butt and turn it into a skate and bike bowl yeah!
I even added brightly coloured flags, I rock!

But we had fun doodling bugs and for Cullen poop and flies.
He drew a fly head completing one eye.
I turned it into a pray mantis he informed me of my fly eye,
 not working for the mantis and drew a mantid eye.
So my mantis was half blind with a deformed mouth.

One of my morphed poop butterflies is pooping flowers.
These happened to hit the fan I drew previously to blow away the stench
Cullen had drawn.
I didn't even know he knew that expression 
and though he didn't say he giggled! Lol

It was I who wrote the WTF in pretty large pink letters.
Srraight away Cullen's like "oooh! Mum!"
I said it was 'Welcome To Facebook'
which obviously has no value in this doodle and he giggled
 "no its haha" he didn't say, credit to him.

Oh and I also named his biggest poop Cullen which he turned into
Cullen's Mum!

So this was my quality time with my 14 year old son.
Maybe not the 'normal' thing to do.
But we were close we laughed and talked and had some fun.

10 July 2012


  1. "WFT Way to flow" I'm guessing this line was the work of the cullen? haha. Also can I spot a half Kangaroo half fly creature? xox

  2. haha Hey Babe! Actually no it was my idea the Way To Flow, Cullen was trying not to say what he knew it to mean. Lol Hehe that's a half blind pray-mantis, it has a poop cake in its hand. xo


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