Monday, July 9, 2012

Who I've Read

Luke Romyn - Blacklisted
Power Toys! Power Trips!
An awesome adrenalin packed adventure.
The characters are real, gritty and messed up!
You'll feel like part of the journey and you will be wishing you could take the wheel!
You'll gasp and Lol in the same sentence.
A relevant story that any one on earth can relate to
and may even question the world they know.
Get Blacklisted run the gauntlet!

Claude Bouchard - The Consultant #2

Wow! Wow! Wow!
Yes again!
Seriously from the start!
Read hot on the heels of Vigilante, amazing impact!
Claude had me so out of my thinking square with these two amazing books!
I LOVE when that happens!
I'm a Big Big Fan!
Go get Vigilante read it be wowed!
Then get this one The Consultant and get that wowed checked!

Claude Bouchard - Vigilante #1

Wow! Wow! Wow!
I thought I had this one sussed from the beginning
I didn't then I thought I had again, I didn't then again and again I didn't!
Claude had me shuffling and re-shuffling the characters right to the end.
Great characters, great plot, fantastic twists & turns.
LOVED Vigilante!

Luke Romyn - The Dark Path
This is a surreal story.
Not for the faint of heart!
With ancient roots and enemies
Vain is fighting for the life of another, the lives of many.
Straying from the path of death dealer.
The twists and turns the sacrifice the pain absolutely wonderful!
Had me in tears at one point where humanity shone through the darkness.
(I have stopped crying now)

Claude Bouchard - Discreet Activities
I love the strong characters, the relationships
the fast pace and the surprises, some small,
but one I didn't see coming upset me so much 
I had to go and do chores to calm down.
Great story!
The characters were so easy to warm to you wont be disappointed.

Feb 2012

Susan Howatch - The Heartbreaker
I love her charismatic healers
her no holds barred approach to tabu subjects,
feelings, self denial and self sabotage.
This book is written in the same brave manner.
Feb 2012

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