Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Another My Day

Well it is the 3rd of July here now.
 It is nearly the 4th which in New Zealand doesn't mean a lot.
 But it is nice to see my USA friends celebrate what for them is the most important day in history.

Independence Day 

- wiki - Lady Liberty stands amidst Red Blue & White Fireworks
picture from 

But yesterday the 2nd of July was my birthday.
However living a lot of my life in cybertime, my birthday lasts a lot longer.

I don't do a lot for my birthdays haven't done for years now.
But yesterday and today as it was my birthday in parts of USA til my 4pm.
I had a wonderful birthday felt a lot of love from a lot of people!
The MushroomFM presenters were amazing!
Some played my requests and some played special birthday music for me.
It was lovely, one presenter @jimbodownunder even sang Happy Birthday to me.
The last of 'my' birthday shows. Lol 
Was Rock Under the Big Top with the RingMaster @inthecenterring
He played a track I have loved since the TV Series ROSWELL - wiki -

Here With Me - Dido

This song is so beautiful to me and the meaning it has for me is real deep.
I found out recently that my meaning and the actual meaning weren't the same.
But I still loved the song and appreciated hearing it again.
Thank you RingMaster!

I spent the day (yesterday) in contemplation and reflection,
 it is a ritual now for me to do this on my birthday.
Thinking of where I've been, how far I've come, about the great and good in my life.

I appreciate myself and those who are dear to me.
I decide what I want to do with my life,
 whether I need tweak things or maybe change direction.

Some of the important aspects in my life.


Some recent photo's I have snapped

A full bloom of a light bright pink Camellia flower,
 nestled in the dark shiny green leaves of her host.

A red Japanese maple leaf lay upon my hand perfect in it's natural imperfection.

A rocky shore beyond which is a rugged gray sea
 under blue sky
the odd cumulus on farthest horizon.


I am thankful for being.

My Birthday Poem - I Am Thankful

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