Wednesday, September 5, 2012

My Spring Morning

This morning I was in a great place.
 I was feeling close to those I love and feeling a part of something beautiful. 
The sun was also shining which is always a bonus!

Anyhow I needed to get a few things from the supermarket.
But I was dying to to get out in the wind and sunshine.
 I sometimes crave it. 

As I am getting ready to go the temp cold.
So I decided my wind-breaking vest a good idea.
A text comes through on my (receiver only) cell phone.
I check it's United Video with $2 movie or game hire.
 I shrugged it off, then thought yeah I might get one why not.
I also really need a walk, awesome!

So with minimal direction in my life I headed out with phone in pocket.
 As you had to show them the text.
I normally don't take my phone.
I just don't have credit on it. But today I was 'carrying'
I also took my camera and did a couple of vids.
 (though haven't loaded them yet)

So nearly to Fraser Cove where United Video is my phone rings.
I answered, it was the RTLB 
(a person working in liason with the school for my son)
He's like. "Where are you?"
(that in itself proves I have no life)
I said "I am out walking."

*I bumped into mum at the supermarket last week, she's like.
We had been trying to get hold of you, ringing your landline and even online.
I was like, we were walking back from Fraser Cove.*
(so you see everyone expects me to be here as I have no life)

Anyway back to the future's recent past.
RTLB's like "We have a real huge change in the program."
I'm like "really what?"
He says "The teacher aide (T.A) is off to Durban tomorrow on the Rainbow Warrior"
I replied "What! Wow! Shit!"

He said "So I am at your place with the new guy for you to meet"
I say "Oh Okay well I can make my way back now"
He says "where are you stay there we will come and meet you"
and they did we had an impromptu meeting on the side of the road.

So the transition that was going to take place over a few weeks, took place today.
The hours that were going to go from 3 to 6 will now stay at roughly 3.
Cullen will miss his old T.A but things move on.
(We will track him through Green Peace that will be cool!)

But The Universe finally said 'enough piss arsing about lets do this!'

So they went off to Boys College I carried onto Fraser Cove.
 Then my phone rang again.
Another agency about respite days.
So I am trying to hear her getting closer to the main road I am find it harder to hear.
 So I turned around and headed for home.
She said I had to wait til last minute before I could get a review & assessment.
(for more days per year) Which I sort of knew anyway but I needed confirmation.
So after that phone call I put it in my pocket and the sky opened!

It was amusing to me.
I walked home thinking of the circumstances and coincidences 
that had put me where I was striding in the cold spring rain.

I had so much other stuff going on in my mind
before my reality breached the barriers.
Now my reality was once again priority.
Also looking pretty good which is always great!

So walking home getting totally soaked rain dripping from my eyelids.
The reality of skewed vision, then I saw this woman.
 Riding toward me on a bicycle I swear she had not a drop of rain on her.
She also looked like she was out of a movie.
We shared a knowing (yeah it kinda sucks being caught in the rain but feels great to) smile.
Or maybe she just thought I looked like what I was, a drowned idiot.

Anyway I got to a bus stop and a boy whom I used to work with was there with his mum.
So I stopped in my pathetic state to chat for a bit and noticed them both dryz-a-bone.
They were headed to the supermarket but were waiting it out.
It was cool to see them though I hadn't much to say.
It did however make me miss my job.

Anyway I got to the supermarket (New World) and grabbed a few things. 
 I am sure I forgot something but never mind.
I got home and showered really only because I needed to warm up.

I always marvel at the way things seem to work out.
Taking my phone because I wanted to rent a cheap movie.
Then having all these things get sorted.

Cullen returned home with both aides and seemed very comfortable with the new one.

So it was a morning of extreme movement and it was good!

Life Goes On.

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