Friday, November 30, 2012

A Monk A Procession and Two Racists

Well today was a great day to take a walk.
The sky was a fickle of cloud and deepest blue.
The breeze was brisk and had a bite.
I realised this about 200 metres from home. 
I was not turning back to get a jersey.

The traffic flow was steady. 
I don't know if this was normal for a Friday morning tea time.
But I was walking, I knew I needed to got to the library in Greerton.
The bulky books under my arm wouldn't let me forget that.
I wondered if I looked like an idiot, a common thought of mine.
Generally answered with "Oh well that's me" I little lol-ed. 
A lol, lol would have been quite conspicuous and I don't do intentional conspicuousness.
(No I don't! - For those of you ROFL-ing)

I was really quite pleased with my sober appearance of grey blue 3/4 pant, 
black t-shirt and black sneaker white trim and white laces today.
I was quietly confident I didn't look like a total 70 - 80's reject.
But more reserved and deceivingly normal, (at least I thought this) like who was gonna Gok me!

Anyway I was feeling pretty good having received my last assignment back with another A+
Though it confuses me as the content confuses me like crazy!
Yet I still get a pass, well I hope I can do that again I have like 7 more to do.
But back to feeling good...

Onward I walked and I saw a bike coming in the distance, I didn't look further.
But I loved the rumble as it went by, I smiled as and after the vibe went through me.
It was a good day to be out walking.

I remembered then a book I had wanted to get for the grand sum of 20 cents.
A grand sum that is when you have none. 
I'd left my wallet at home the other day intent on a health walk only.
So I thought, oh yes I must see if it is still there at Waipuna Hospice.

I stopped at the big box of books in the door way of the shop.
I generally try and ignore that these are probably from estates of ones passed.
I scoured the jumble of old, older and old and odd. 
But I couldn't find it, just remembering it was a digest of stories.
(still not recalling who)

Then I came across The Firm - John Grisham
I had to get it my friend and I had been talking about it earlier,
and I don't believe I have a copy of it. 
Oh The Rainmaker that's one of Grisham's I love.
(from same convo earlier I couldn't remember the book) 
I am reading A Time To Kill (his first novel) at the moment.
Having just finished The Street Lawyer which I love,
but my neighbour couldn't get into.

Anyways I bought The Firm.
This score...
Ghost Net by Lynn Davidson a story of summer in the south of NZ written by a New Zealand author.
(I'm thinking it will be good some small NZ stories are fantastic!)
I also bought The Higher Taste - A Guide to Gourmet Vegetarian Cooking and a Karma-Free Diet. 
Happy to wait 10-15 mins to give my 60 cents worth for books that are worth far more than that.

Continuing on coming to the sushi place I had never been to I went in and looked at their food.
I decided to try some it wasn't St Pierre's and I could choose individual pieces.
They just look so very good and I spent less and got just what I wanted.
I believe it is Tokyo Sushi though they had a revamp early this year I think...

So sushi in one hand and a bulk of books under the other I trundled on, it's how I felt I moved at a trundle.
Once again wondering if I looked like an idiot, it really didn't matter either way.

On the home stretch to the library and just outside my bank with a hole in the wall I was stopped.
A young man mid to late 20's maybe, approached me saying, "I see you like to read."
I said "yes I do." He then said in an accented and almost conspiratorial tone "I'm a monk" "sorry?" I replied then he leaned forward pulled his hood back a bit showing his shaven head and flicked his ponytail. "I'm a monk" "Oh right" He then went to spiel about the Bhagavad Gita that he had in one hand.
I told him I had tried to read it and found it hard, told him of another I had read and loved he was seemingly impressed. He then turned to The Journey Of Self Discovery which I also have but I wanted the new one with the pretty pictures and I can always pass the other on. I drew some money from the hole in the wall, sounds on par with - turning water into wine. Then I went to put book in my bag and remembered the cook book. "Oh look what I have I just bought it" I said holding The Higher Taste right in front of his face. "Oh wait that is cool look what I have"The new one" and he did. He said "So you like these books yeah?"
I affirmed that statement and said goodbye.

On the town green speakers were being set up on and around the stage.
I returned the library books then came and sat in a seat on the green to eat my sushi.
It was good sushi great flavour and textures.

I moved on after that retracing my steps, well not exactly just going back the way I'd come.
I was feeling like something sweet to eat 'caramel sundae' jumped into my head.
So at McD's I got a caramel Sundae and a small chips.

Back on the path I saw a hearse approaching in a mass of rumble.
The funeral procession for a 'Prominent Biker' was slowly rumbling through I stopped as many others did to watch and take a moment (at least I did) to reflect on life, the fact it's precious to all of us no matter who we are, humanity in our mortality. 
I also admired their beautiful machines and some their flowing hair and intimidating form and mass of numbers 100's of bikers from The Filthy Few and The Head Hunters. 

Kurt Cobain - Death to Birth - justsomelyrics

I stood staring in what I hope was a respectful yet inconspicuous manner. 
I was not 'feeling the vibes' this time. 
Next thing this lady runs behind me. 
The flapping of her arms catching my attention. 
She was hand signalling her man to take a photo of her with the procession in the back ground. 
I had seen others with phones filming.
I had neither phone or camera and I would not have used them, had I. 
Two reason's mainly. 
One it is a funeral procession. (though family took photos at a funeral once I was appalled, still am) 
Two there are killers in that bunch.
So after approx 15 mins they moved on and so did other rubber neck-ers.
The 'normal traffic' however was backed up for a couple of kilometers, I hope none were in a rush.

Further down the road I could see ladies talking and looking up to Greerton.
As I approached we talked about it I enquired who it was they reminded me of the death down south.
But one of them said "and by an Asian can you believe that?!"
I couldn't believe what she'd just said continued... 
"I can't believe he was killed by someone who doesn't even belong in this country."
I had stuff I wanted to ask say but I deemed her not a reliable and adequate source.
The other lady was making noises of agreeance I was still a little stunned.
Found some sense and said. 
"Well I am sure he and his friends have killed many on purpose."
They both said "Yes true that" and I moved on.

Still walking and musing on what had come to pass, thinking about how this post might come together...
 A little off in writer space I decided to see if crossing the road might happen.
But the traffic nearly a kilometer down the road was slow and steady because of the procession.
So I weaved back in front of a parked 4x4 and this dog started barking and growling.
I jumped a metre side ways, just freaked out! 
The visual from corner of eye a foot gap between window and frame dog head white pitt, staffy, angry.
I turned after initial shock and growled "You stop that you, you shit!" 
I don't normally growl dogs because they scare me.
But this one annoyed me more. (crabby time)
It did quieten a little I'm sure, maybe, okay maybe not. Lol

So that was my walk today in the sun and beautiful wind.
A lot of variety jammed into roughly two hours.

I am most thankful.
A beautiful day.

A Beautiful Day - U2

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