Sunday, February 2, 2014

Camping A Treat

My good friend whom I met nearly a year ago now dropped myself and my son off in the middle of no-where. Well not quite, by no-where I mean at a local park-lands (McLarens Falls Park - BOP which is approx a 20 minute drive from my home. So Cullen (my son) and I set up the tent and for the next two and a half days we went swimming here, McLarens Falls. (I went looking for footage of the place then remembered I had done one myself, the music was made by Cullen).

Our 2011 Review

So we swam there at that beautiful place and on the first day we walked there and back and there again from the camping ground approx 1.5-2km walk because we just had to get our togs and go back for a swim, yes we had to! We ended up staying nearly three hours and returned to camp after seven Wed night. So we ate and then went for a walk around the lakes which are home to a number of water fowl, ducks, black swans, Canadian and Chinese Geese. It was wonderful strolling around looking and listening to the cacophony of birdsong quite unlike the suburban soundscape. The sun was low by time we headed back to camp and we were both pretty tired so opted to not go for a glow worm walk. The glow worm kayaker's had arrived and were dining at lake's shore you could tell when they hit the water even from the tent (50m away) as the birds did not seem too impressed and were all honking quacking and squawking, it was quite alarming for me that first night. We both had a restless nights sleep with duck waddling about the wind blowing though towering giants of native and exotic trees as well as some other nonsensical sounds, then waking with an even more spectacularly dissonant (dawn chorus - audioboo) this is not the best representation but does give a general idea. 

So basically that was our routine, wake eat walk - eat walk swim walk - eat walk, we rested 10-30 mins between ventures usually but basically we just kept on going til night fall. The second night we went around the glow worm track which we had done twice before in a large group during winter on a rainy night. So this was rather special it was warm and dry and just Cullen and I with one torch which made the world of difference. Although we met a few other families around the track the light, sound and disturbance was minimal so the worms were at their most spectacular like galaxies all around us at one point it was quite surreal I felt privileged to witness such seemingly transcendent beauty. Cullen went to touch one worm and it moved we had never seen this before and rather than the reality taking away from the mystique it added to it. How mind-blowing to think that these tiny gems were living beings just doing what they needed to survive and we mere humans were fortunate to behold such magnificence. 

Nature has the most wonderful creatures inhabiting it, ones that need the earth to support them, ones that do no harm to others excepting for what they need to do to survive. Although I question the legitimacy of some eco forecasts and one major eco solution (Agenda 21 - pdf). I do think humans have a responsibility to all life on this planet as we are the ones who will most likely destroy it beyond repair. 

We are Natural Born Killers, (Tarantino 1994).  

None other on this earth has the power to be as destructive as we. 
But unfortunately those who care are fewer, than those who could less,
 and it only takes a few strong, rich industries to kill us all.

What this weekend actually did was help me to see some realities of the beauty that exists in harmony with the most formidable creature upon this earth. Yet it also helped ground me physically in the sense that it brought me out of my head and enabled me to physically start repairing my life and realize that my time truly is precious and I that I have spent many years gaining self knowledge in the hardest way possible, trial and error. 
Life experience is an untamed beast at times. 
Denying authenticity leaves one powerless

It takes an awful lot to re-motivate me when I divert from my 'path' as I know none who share my ideas, I hang with those who easily distract me and then I start to get serious wake up calls time and again until I get back on track (which usually translates as heart break, debt and an unfortunate gain of a little wisdom). I am not saying that I am here to save the world, I certainly have no idea how to do such. I just think I need to be true to me and share my views because they may be important. I know I have much to learn and perhaps more to share as I go along. I do not like being ignorant and I do not like saying what is certain because even the most sure thing can become a falsity in the future.

Anyway I had planned to get home put my phone on to charge and then nap. However the physicality of the last couple of days had me just plod along tidying our camping gear away, making up to the cats, grocery shopping, dinner, dishes, watering garden and clearing out three quarters of my wardrobe of junky "wth are you thinking!" clothes, then writing this post. I am going to make more vids soon just to show my appreciation of the life all about me and to share the beauty with others who may appreciate it also.

2014 is a year of solid change for me, I am looking forward to learning all I can 
and doing all I can to find truth and share knowledge.

Love Life and Find Truth

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