Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Chocolate Chippie Chocolate Log

A pkt Chocolate Chippie Cookies (biscuits)
A sml tin of Peaches in syrup
A sml 300ml bottle of cream (whipped stiff)
A chocolate flake or chocolate bar to grate


Drain peaches keeping syrup for log in a pudding bowl
Whip cream

Take a biscuit dip in peach syrup covering whole biscuit then spread so cream on one side of biscuit approx a heaped teaspoon full. Dip another biscuit in syrup and press gently together avoid squeezing cream out. Then spread cream on biscuit, dip another, press together, cream.
Continue in this manner with biscuits vertical spreading out in a log formation as you build it.
When you have used all the biscuits cover the whole log in cream then sprinkle or grate over the flake bar or other chocolate.

Then chill.

You can make this a couple of hours ahead.
A lovely, easy dessert.

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