Tuesday, January 31, 2012

to blog or not

Well I was tuned into MushroomFM til after midnight 
I listened to the Double Top 10 
hosted by Richard Bartholomew @glenbuck1
Then I caught a little of Love Songs 
and then made myself turn it off.
I needed sleep.

When I woke tuned into
Great music for my Monday morning.
Great discussions on twitter with Jonathan and features unique to his show.

I said Happy Anniversary to a few of my Auckland tweeps.

One being @JamesHancox
who is an amazing photographer!
I then trawled through some of his work
 James Hancox - flickr 
I'm trying to find a fave out of the many AmAzing shots!
No easy task!
Take a look you'll understand!

During my brief cyber break:
 I ran around the house,
practised bombing onto my bed,
vacuumed, showered, and made this:

'a faux key'
Faux gem - glass bead
Faux gold - brass wire

Keys seem to be what's hot in jewellery.
So I just had to, you know.
I also like the sound of, a faux key.

Then at 8pm New Zealand time
Brought the Mayhem to Monday with his show
To say it was an animated show would be the truth.
As Anthony told of how he, his brother & friends discussed
Snorks and other animations.
Cartoon theme songs became the talk of the show.
Anthony played a couple of theme songs.
Just happening to have Jem in his extensive music collection.
Then he decided that the 13th of Feb's Monday Mayhem
will be an animated theme event.
So join the characters and craziness you'll love it!

Next Monday is New Zealand's Day
Waitangi Day - (nzhistory.net.nz)
Anthony will be featuring Godzone's musicians
You need to check it out Kiwi's have some amazing talent!
Singers to!

If you need some sounds to accompany your day.
Check out
Something for everyone!
and the coolest DJ's you've yet to meet.

So anyway I'm trying to see the advantage of a
website (nonsensemostlymine)
over this - a blog -
Here I can post this single post.
You can reply just down there to this post.
Tweet it or Share.
The post on my site is like a trickle in a stream.
No tweetin, or sharing of, just that post.
Commenting is done via the box which goes to me alone.

I'm thinking I'll go back to blog. 
It's where I started.
"Vizzini said go back to the beginning."

So PLEASE let me know what YOU think.
To blog or not?


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